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KD Support Services is fully Committed to embracing our Consumer's Staff and Family Members to provide quality services and support.  We are dedicated to provide Person Centered Services to insure that Consumers are involved in all aspects of their daily lives by using a Person-Centered approach.

Program Description

KD Support Services was founded in 2006.  We provide Residential and Periodic Services for Adults  with developmental disabilities and mental illness.  Our organization strives to enhance and enrich the lives of its consumers by fostering the highest degree of independence and normalized community roles possible.  We have residential facilities in Rutherford County, NC that are licensed by the Division of Facility Services.

How it all got started.

In 1984, our family was blessed with the arrival of Kelly Dellinger. Complications with her birth led to developmental disabilities. Over the years our family has endured and witnessed first hand many of the challenges and problems that our clients deal with on a day to day basis.

Watching Kelly grow from a baby to a beautiful young woman has given us an insight that many health care providers will never have into the lives of our clients and their families.

Not only is Kelly our daughter, but she is also and inspiration to us, showing us what is good and innocent about the world we live in as well as what can be ugly and difficult for people who are perceived as different or challenged. She is also the namesake of our facilities and the reason we can promise you without hesitation that our clients will receive the love, consideration, and courtesy that they deserve.